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About Us


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Based in Southern California, our young company caters to active lifestyle enthusiasts and to people all over the world who share an appreciation for natural, effective and affordable personal care products.

Our collection of cream perfumes were developed as a commercially more affordable and healthier alternative to predominantly high-priced fragrances that are packaged in elaborate, environmentally unfriendly materials and incorporate ethanol, petroleum carriers and other undesirable fillers. By eliminating the bulk of ethanol and water, we use significantly less expensive, alternative and eco-friendly container materials such as wood, and incorporate natural carriers like beeswax and sweet almond oil as was the original practice in perfumery for many thousands of years. Our cream perfumes represent unusual, simple and elegant delivery of world-class French fragrances. They are travel-friendly, longer-lasting, lightly moisturizing and can be purchased at a great price.

Our candles also incorporate premium oils sourced exclusively from the artisans of Grasse, France and are blended with 100% natural soy and 100% cotton wicks. 4% of the net sales of Candles4Humanity products are added each year to our corporate fund for charitable Humanity-related projects.

We always welcome dialogue with respect to our role in making the environment a safer, more enjoyable and natural place in which to live so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you need more information about our products or our cream perfume company. We are proud members of the Natural Products Association and always contribute a minimum of 10% of our profits to families in need.

Mary Johnston
Founder and President